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41 club Tienen, Belgium! Worldwide history in the 41clubs...

Dear Friends,

On 15th of august 2012, the 41Tienen21 celebrated its 9th year of existence. The friendship tying us together has always been a reason for friendly get-togethers and interesting discussions, often into the late (or rather early...) hours.
Thanks to the commitment of our members, we (41tienen21) have delivered a National President 2007-2008: Bruno Van Lindt.

As a result we had the pleasure to organise the AGM 2008 in Tienen. Several friends proceeded to their reservation! (see "Who attended " under Events Facts gallery, AGM 2008 Tienen)

We emphazised our explicit wish to offer home-hosting, although there was, of course, also be the possibility to stay in local B&B and hotels. But we where quiet confident that the first 30 bookings became for home-hosting.

Tienen is the "sugar city" of Belgium ans is located in the centre of the country, hence the motto: "Sweet fun, in the middle of nowhere!"

The AGM 2008 was surely an (ex) centric meeting!
Many thanks for your presence and your kind attentions!

But Next:

We look forward to meet you again in our 41 club in Tienen
on 28th of september 2013 to celebrate our 10 years existence

Yours in 41!